Learning how to detect and respond to the emotional world of the child.

“It’s elementary dear Watson!”

Join us in honing your observation skills to truly see the emotional rollercoaster children display everyday.

The world of the child is a curious place full of highs and lows. Children feel the full experience of life. In the space of of a few minutes they can be playing with friends joyfully laughing, falling out in anger at the unfairness of the other and no sooner  has the adult been approached to monitor and support the situation then friends make up and return to the joy of play.

All the while the adult tries desperately to catch up with this tumult of emotional processing wondering what they are missing.Emotions can be fluid and hard to describe. They often start as a physical sensation long before they emerge as something that can be put into words. Children understand and process these physical sensations more quickly and accurately than adults but generally do not have the words.

This workshop looks to use a mixture of techniques and activities in order to explore how we understand children’s emotions from birth to 11 years old. There are opportunities to reflect on practice and think about how best to support children we work with. Whilst theory is important we believe practical activities can help us really explore in depth the emotional processing of children and respond rather than react when supporting children.


With Kids have a unique position in the training sector as our workshops are delivered by practicing, qualified play therapists reflecting the wide breadth of experience and knowledge within our organisation. As a play therapy organisation we are able to share knowledge, encourage discussion and help professionals who work with children reflect on their practice. The main themes of our training workshops cover children’s: 

  • Emotional processing and regulation
  • World of play
  • Developmental stages
  • Social skills
  • Understanding and use of language
  • Processing of trauma 

With Kids, are presently in collaboration with Queen Margaret University in delivering a part-time BAPT accredited Masters in Play Therapy course which is eligible for SAAS funding for the September 2020.For more information contact training@withkids.org.uk

Tickets available from Eventbrite or directly through With Kids


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