Leading Others

Develop leadership skills through Thistle’s Leading Others course

Effective leaders are confident, skilled and principled – and they also have the ability to empower and engage the people around them.

Leading Others

Next course: 10 -12 April 2017 (residential in Callander)  and 22 & 23 May at Thistle Centre of Wellbeing, Edinburgh (non-residential)

Leading Others is a ground-breaking training course available to managers and leaders in Health and Social Care in both the public and third sector.  The course combines 5 days of intensive teaching with Terra Nova consultant Philip Roycroft, alongside independent study and practice, supported by a sponsor from your organisation and distance-coaching from Phil.

This is a rigorous and in-depth period of learning and development from which you will emerge a more confident and effective leader able to engage and empower those around you.

This innovative Thistle Foundation course is accredited by Queen Margaret University and successful completion is equivalent to 15 credits at SCQF Level 7 which can support SSSC registration for supervisors in for example housing support services and care at home services.

More about the course

Before you start on the residential teaching period we will ask you to complete a questionnaire with your sponsor. This will help us to understand your goals and motivations for joining the course and clarify the expectations within your organisation.

The residential teaching period in Callander is a unique aspect of our training and part of what makes it so effective:  you will immerse yourself in your learning, surrounded by a close network of up to 25 peers who’ll support and challenge you. It is an opportunity to live the leadership skills you develop.

Our teaching is informal and engaging, mixing theoretical input, practical activity, discussions and skills inputs. We’ll cover topics such as engagement, motivation, delegation, teamwork, observation, listening and feedback. We’ll also encourage you to reflect on your leadership style and personal values.

In between the two teaching periods in Callander and Edinburgh you will work with your team and your sponsor to develop an Improvement Plan. After the second teaching period at our Centre of Wellbeing you will implement the plan and complete the assignment.

The course price is £774

This includes teaching time, accommodation and all meals during your residential stay and long distance learning through 1:1 telephone calls.

Read Phil Roycroft’s blog about leaders and managers

For more information or to sign up to this course contact Jean Muir – jean.muir@thistle.org.uk 

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