It wasn’t me! – Shame and the biology of resilience

There is lots of information and training around the effects of trauma in early childhood. A subject rarely touched on is the effect of shame on the way children feel about themselves and their interaction with others. When children are displaying difficult or distressed behaviours shame is often the hidden overwhelming driving factor.

It can be hard to pinpoint shame responses and children rarely have the words to say why they feel the way they do. It can be hard to understand why a child who has just received praise or an award for good work would react by tearing it up, knocking chairs over or pushing a child as they run out the door. In order to understand why this happens this workshop will look to explore the origins and function of shame as an emotion which has the positive function of helping us to maintain relationships yet can also negatively affect our perception of who we are. It will examine how to recognise the triggers and offer self-regulating strategies which can be used in professional practice.

Tickets can be purchased directly from Eventbrite or from the With kids office on 0141 550 5770

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