Introduction to Play Therapy Part 2 – Importance of non-verbal play Wed, 18 Nov 2020 17:30

With Kids is an organisation who specialise in delivering therapeutic interventions, staff training in schools throughout Scotland. Working experienced play therapists deliver the MSc programme in Play Therapy in partnership with Queen Margaret University. 

Play Therapy is a unique and specialised intervention which can help young children make sense of what is happening in their world. In doing this children are able to develop coping mechanisms to help them deal with adverse life events or experiences in more positive ways.

This series of workshops are suitable for individuals considering taking up professional training in Play Therapy as well as professionals who are already working with children e.g. social workers, occupational/speech therapists, mental health professionals, residential workers etc.

Due to the Covid pandemic, we have been unable to run our successful face to face Introduction to Play Therapy workshop. We have adapted this full day workshop into three online sessions which can be attended consecutively or independently from each other.

The second workshop in this series will introduce the core elements of nonverbal communication. How and why children use different types of play to share their experiences with adults without the need for words.

Participants will explore :

  • The stages of functional and relational play.
  • The role of mirroring as an early developmental form of nonverbal communication.
  • How children use symbolic play to revisit stages of development, make sense of their world and explore how they feel.

This will be explored through the presentation, discussion, case study and reflective activities.

This event will take place live on Zoom and delivered by Jeanne McLaughlin who is a working play therapist, clinical supervisor and module leader for the MSc in play therapy.

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