Four Neurodivergent Autism/ADHD Webinars – With Kids

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  • Various dates and times in May and June
  • Either pay what you can afford or the ticket price £45


Four Neurodivergent Autism/ADHD Webinars

Understanding Neurodivergent Communication “Thank you, as a psychotherapist and a mom of a newly diagnosed teen this has been a gift today “
Learn how Neurodiverse children understand, navigate, and communicate in a social world that does not understand them.

Exploring Neurodivergent Emotions   “Thanks so much. Learned a lot and made me reflect on the children I work with and how I and my staff interact with them!” ASN teacher.
The emotional world of neurodivergent children is rich in empathy, varied in expression and complex to understand for those on the outside

Developing Neurodivergent Relationships     “Very Informative, especially the insights into what life looks like for ND children and young people.” Key worker- Women’s Aid.
Exploring how neurodivergent children experience and develop relationships from birth onwards.

Neurodivergent Play “The course was informative and useful in helping me to support some of the learners in my class who have additional needs.” Teacher at Sighthill Primary
ND children can’t play is misnomer. The “normal” expectation of play needs to be reimagined and new categories created to understand and value ND children’s playfulness.

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