Exploring Emotions through a play therapy lens – Webinar Monday 7/02/22 4pm to 5:30pm

See, feel and experience the child’s perspective of nonverbal communication, emotional awareness, play and relationships.

With Kids present a new programme of online webinars that will develop observational skills and enhance playful interactions that can support children in their social and emotional development. Each comes with a CPD certificate.

These webinars are suitable for anyone who lives or works with children as well as those interested in training as a play therapist.

Children are taught the words for emotions, but what happens when we ask children to show us how they understand emotions?
The upside down world – a story from a play therapist’s case book.

The story of Gerry opens the webinar. A powerful vignette of an 11 year old’s experience of sudden family trauma and how social constructs block his ability to express difficult feelings.

How the teaching of emotional literacy directly conflicts with children’s early emotional development and regulation.
Using neurobiological understanding as a foundation to understanding children’s developing emotional awareness.

A recent research study looks at how we feel emotions within our body. Children can show and tell us how they feel with delightful instinctual descriptions. This webinar will explore how can we feel, acknowledge and support children’s self-awareness of emotions. Using our current observational skills to discuss a video of children interacting. What emotions can you see being expressed? How do you feel watching this?

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