Dual Diagnosis: Mental health and addictions

Many people who struggle with mental health and addictions are suffering the consequences of untreated trauma. In this workshop you will learn the skills to identify signs of trauma, explore alternative support strategies and work with individual case studies-

Most services specialise in dealing with either mental health or addictions. Traditionally there has been a void in service provision for people who experience complex trauma, mental health issues and addictions.

This two-day workshop provides the framework to work systemically and holistically with both issues at the same time. You will learn new approaches to work with people affected. You will gain understanding of how underlying untreated trauma has an effect on people´s mental health who adopt  behaviours to deal with the symptoms.


  • Analyse the factors that contribute to mental health wellbeing and mental health and addiction problems
  • Understanding mental health disorders and addiction
  • The impact of mental illness and addiction on people and their families
  • The type and purpose of mental health and addiction services in Scotland
  • The role of peer support, recovery based and trauma informed practice
  • Engaging with people who use mental health and addiction services
  • Developing wellness support plans
  • Working safely and ethically.

Venue: The Albany Conference and Training Centre, 44 Ashley Place. Glasgow

Bookings: 07904885305

When: 29th & 30th November 2018


  • Full Price – £175
  • Early Bird – £150
  • Concessions – £95
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