Could you save my life?’ – hard-hitting asthma campaign launched as charity says 90% of asthma deaths are preventable

Every 10 seconds someone in the UK is having an asthma attack and every 20 minutes a child is admitted to hospital with life-threatening asthma attack. Whether someone having an asthma attack lives or dies depends on the person standing next to them at the time and their ability to administer life-saving treatment.

That is why The Asthma and Allergy Foundation have set a target of training 20,000 people – teachers (pupils/classmates), work colleagues, healthcare professionals and parents/carers by the end of 2023. The charity would also continue to provide asthma management workshops so those living with the condition can learn to self-manage their symptoms and improve quality of life.

The new campaign features a girl in the poster asking ‘could you save my life?’ which will be displayed throughout Scotland.

To find out more about this campaign or to sponsor an asthma workshop call 01415 010539 or email

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