Peer Support Groups for Clutter and Hoarding

What to Expect at a Clutter Chat Meet-up:    

A Warm Welcome from fellow Clutter Chatters!

We are a self-help group, hosted by peers tackling their own clutter. We offer a friendly, confidential space with lots of encouragement, empathy and support as we help each other on our clutter clearing journeys.

At present we meet on zoom and our virtual doors open half an hour before the meeting starts so we can set-up and settle in. When we meet in person again (this autumn) our meeting room doors will open half an hour before the meeting starts for set-up and settling in. Then the serious chat begins. The session is in two parts each hosted by peers. In the first part, there’s the opportunity for everyone to talk (and listen) in turn, about where they’re at with their clutter and share their recent clutter experiences including any commitments made at the last meeting.

Then there’s a wee comfort break and if on zoom, time to make a cuppa and get a snack, or if in-person, along with a cuppa, share a slice of cake or tea loaf or other snacks brought by the group.  In-person meetings also offer an opportunity to browse our library of books on clutter clearing and related themes and peruse our Giving Table- a great place to put your clutter and have it taken and transformed into something useful, possibly even beautiful, and maybe sentimental by another clutter chatter!

In the second part, we ask people to make a commitment of some clutter clearing action they plan to do before the next meeting and if there’s time in hand, a topic or theme related to our clutter clearing can be explored together and ideas shared. The gentle encouragement, understanding and support in making our commitments and sharing the ups and downs on the way to achieving them helps us all to engage with the process and to work through our clutter journeys.

A Clutter Chat story from one of the group members

When people recently asked me how my decluttering was going, I always said ‘great’ and added, ‘but I’ll never be a minimalist this side of eternity’. Then one day, I watched an interview on YouTube of an American couple whose son had died in a tragic accident. They decided to make a drastic change in their life by selling all their possessions and travelling around America in a van. The woman

said she didn’t mind selling the larger items, their home and car, but found it difficult to let go of the small stuff. However, once she did, she said she experienced tremendous freedom. ‘Tremendous freedom’ appealed to me, and the thought entered my head that ‘maybe I could be a minimalist.’

The next day, I came across Clutter Chat’s website [YouTube Channel] and learned that because of the pandemic they were meeting online on the Zoom platform. So, I attended the fortnightly meetings for the first six months of 2021, and because of lockdown and being unable to go out, I had lots of time to declutter.

At each meeting, I committed to doing two decluttering tasks over the fortnight. A few were big tasks, such as converting an old boiler cupboard full of junk into a place to store all my craft stuff. Others were small such as clearing out the food cupboard, which had an embarrassing number of foods past their use-by date. However, I stuck to my commitments and was delighted when I had accomplished what I wanted by the end of the six months.

The first time I was in Clutter Chat, I decluttered large bin liners of stuff, this time, it was small carrier bags. I sensed I was getting ready to enter back into life once the lockdown restrictions were lifted but with much less stuff. It’s been like a spring cleaning, and I’ve decided to do this once a year to keep on top of my stuff.

The one difference I’ve noticed revisiting Clutter Chat is that it’s easier to link into with its online Zoom meetings [presence on YouTube] the Clutter Chat website and Facebook page. So, am I a minimalist now? Not yet! But I am hopeful, and I certainly have much less stuff than when I started six months ago, along with a beautiful sense of freedom.

“Each step is one step further forward.”

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