Building Our Values Compass Training Workshop with Briana Pegado

Join Glasgow Connected Arts Network CiC and Briana Pegado for a 2 hour session to align our values to our creative practice, online via zoom

About this event

In this workshop, we will spend two hours working alone together. With moments of self-reflection, reflection in groups, and a group exercise we complete on screen together (but in our own space), we will use the beautiful values compass tool to unearth our values. Our values are less about our morals or ethics and more about what is important to us in our lives at this moment. For so many of us working in community, with different communities, and with vulnerable groups, our instinct is to facilitate and support others. This workshop aims to create space for us to check in with ourselves and reflect on whether the things that are most important to us are present in our creative practice and also, translating into the work we do within the communities we work.

Please expect to bring something to write with, whether analog or digital, as well as some thoughts on your creative practice. Feel free to come to this workshop with a sticky topic or question about your practice that feels somewhat unresolved.

You will walk away with a physical (or virtual) compass that outlines your values as they stand today, some actions on how to embed those values deeper into your creative practice and participatory work, as well as some reflections on your relationship with your practice after a trying year. You should feel refreshed, inspired, and motivated after this workshop. You should also feel like you have some deeper insights into what is important to you and as if you have had some time to yourself, maybe for the first time in months…

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