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Martyn’s Law and What it Means for the Third Sector

Categories: HR and Health & Safety

The UK government is currently in the process of drafting a bill that will affect third-sector organisations and their premises. The draft Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill sets out the requirements that,... Read more

Children’s Mental Health Week 2024

Categories: Policy and Engagement

Hosted by national charity ‘Place2Be’, Children’s Mental Health Week launched in 2015 and takes place every February. This awareness-raising campaign aims to help equip and empower every child across the... Read more
Photo of two woman sitting together in a meeting

Health and Safety Performance Review

Categories: HR and Health & Safety

As we head towards the end of the financial year it is a good time to look at reviewing and auditing your Health and Safety Policies and Procedures. In this... Read more
Green banner shows a busy Glasgow road with lots of cars parked

Transport: what can we do? 

Categories: Climate Action

This blog offers directions and resources for third sector organisations in Glasgow looking to reduce their transport emissions. How people get to you is part of your organisation’s carbon footprint.... Read more
Green banner shows a Scottish landscape

Yes, caring for people and the planet matters

Categories: Climate Action

Climate change affects the natural world, where our human settlements exist, and our lives unfold. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the storms of challenges we’re facing. When it... Read more

Glasgow Festive Directory 2023-24

Categories: GCVS News

  Glasgow is home to a huge number of organisations providing crucial support to individuals and families all year round. Despite the challenges over the last few years, these organisations... Read more
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Introducing the Glasgow Climate Action Hub

Categories: Climate Action, Sector News and Support

Have you heard of Climate Action Hubs? The Scottish Government have allocated £4.3 million for 2023-24 to set up around 20 hubs throughout Scotland. We’re pleased to announce that Glasgow... Read more
Photo of an event in the Albany says AGM 2024

2024 Annual General Meeting and Elections

Categories: GCVS News, Members

It is our pleasure to announce that our Annual General Meeting will be held at The Albany on Thursday, 1 February, 2024. GCVS members are invited to join us for... Read more

Help Build the Future of GCVS

Categories: GCVS News

We are also looking for up to two appointed Board members with skills and experience that can add value to our Board and contribute to the organisation's development. These people... Read more
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Winter Events

Categories: HR and Health & Safety

Winter Events With the festive holidays, approaching many organisations may be planning to hold events over the period. Here are some things to consider when planning for your event; this... Read more

Glasgow Communities Fund Engagement and Feedback

Categories: GCVS News, Sector News and Support

GCVS recently hosted a series of discussions on the Glasgow Communities Fund, bringing together voluntary sector organisations and the Council Grants team. Our members and those we support greatly benefit... Read more

Wrap Up the Year with these Top Tips

Categories: GCVS News

Here are some top tips to help you get ahead this festive season and prepare for the new year, from fundraising to staff support, marketing and much more. Festive Fundraising... Read more

Promoting Public Trust in Fundraising

Categories: Funding and Income

We were pleased to catch up with Dionne Denovan recently from the Scottish Fundraising Adjudication Panel and learn how the Panel’s work can inspire better fundraising for charities in Glasgow.... Read more
Photo of a climate protest

Combined Action on Climate Change and Human Rights

Categories: Climate Action, Human Rights and Equality

In our recent event, Climate Change and Human Rights for the Third Sector, we discussed inequality issues when tackling climate change. In this blog, we will share reflections on how the... Read more
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What to consider when employing fixed-term workers?

Categories: HR and Health & Safety

Our HR Advice team share what to consider when hiring fixed-term workers. As the modern workforce changes rapidly, the conventional model of employing permanent workers is also changing. More and... Read more
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