Glasgow Fuel Support Project

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A new fuel support initiative has been launched by Glasgow City Council to help provide citizens with fuel top-up vouchers or payments, energy advice, and supplier agreements. Organisations who are currently providing a citywide fuel advice service are invited to apply by 12noon on Tuesday 9th August, for the service to begin on 1st September.

Please note this project is additional to the UK Government’s Energy Bill Support Scheme, which includes a £400 energy payment to households.

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Glasgow Fuel Support Project

1. Service Specification Requirements

Increasing fuel costs are an area of genuine and growing concern for many residents. Building on ongoing work, GCC will continue to work with organisations to provide citizens with a combination of Fuel top up voucher/payments, agreements with suppliers and energy advice.

In preparation for the fuel cost increase in October, which will put additional burden on the poorest and just coping households, GCC is inviting organisations who can deliver the following services to apply. The start date for the service is from 1 September 2022, therefore organisations who require development and/or recruitment time are encouraged not to apply unless they can meet the 1st September timescale.

2. Service Provision

  • Provider must currently operate citywide, across all tenure types and provide:
  • Fuel top ups for both pre-paid & billed meters (not outsourced to a 3rd party for DSA purposes).
  • Direct support (not advice only) to apply for fuel write offs,
  • Negotiate fuel debt arrangements on behalf of clients.
  • Arrange meter switching and heating system upgrades (including grant applications) on clients’ behalf.
  • Provide a face to face home visiting service.

In addition, the provider must

  • accept referrals from and share individual client outcomes with the Glasgow Helps Programme and other referral sources as agreed by GCC FIT Team.
  • use the FORT online system to accept referrals, provide feedback to referral sources and provide monitoring reports
  • Be able to commence service provision from 1 September 2022

3. Referrals

Funding is ringfenced explicitly to referrals which will be submitted through Glasgow Helps or from other sources where a budget allocation has been agreed by the Financial Inclusion and Transformation Team in GCC.  This funding cannot be utilised to support the service providers current caseload or current referral pathways.

Organisations in Glasgow working with clients who require fuel support will be able to make a referral through Glasgow Helps where the organisation does not have access to any other fuel support service. This will include, RSLs, Employability projects, FI organisations, PESF projects, Voluntary Sector organisations; this list is not exhaustive and other organisations will be able to refer through Glasgow Helps as identified.

4. Resources

Providers should detail their costs to operate this service, broken down by staff costs (number of posts and costs per post), operational costs, contribution to core etc.

Based on the current number of referrals to the Glasgow Helps Service, in addition to the impact of the Cost of Living Crisis it is anticipated that a minimum of 7 FTE experienced fuel advisors will be required to deliver the citywide service.  Advisors are required to be ringfenced to managing referrals from the Glasgow Helps Service only and performance monitoring information will be scrutinised in line with specification requirements. A service level agreement will be developed between GCC and the successful organisation to ensure a turnaround of 48 hours can be met to deliver the service to Glasgow Helps clients.

5. Funding Value

Total value of funding £1,000,000 (non-recurring) is available to cover both resourcing costs and fuel top ups only (no capital expenditure) to be spent by 30th March, 2022.  The value of individual fuel top ups will be set by GCC and is anticipated to be set at around £49.00 per household with an expected referral caseload of 15,000 cases during this period.

GCC are seeking a sole supplier to deliver this service and will not accept applications from consortium groups or outsourced service provision.

6. Application Process

Providers should submit applications (using the form below) demonstrating their current experience in providing a citywide fuel advice service at a similar scale to Shona Honeyman by email no later than 12 noon on Tuesday 9 August 2022.


How to Apply

Please download the attached Funding Specification for Fuel Support.
To apply, please download the Cost of Living Crisis Pro-Forma Fuel application form.
Further guidance can be found in the Fuel Support FAQs


Need more advice on funding? Please visit our sector development pages to find out more about advice and resources the funding team can offer at GCVS.


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