GCVS Blog – Tackling Fraud Together Update #6


Deborah Mooney

TFT Project Manager & Digital Engagement Officer | GCVS

This month is Scams Awareness Month and while it might have been a bit of a quiet one for the Tackling Fraud Together team as far as re-visiting Glasgow venues goes, we’ve still been keeping an eye out for the latest scams emerging and fraud news. We hope to keep you all up to date with not only what to look out for, but how you can keep yourself safe!

The theme of Scams Awareness Month is ‘Don’t Miss A Trick, Be Scam Aware’ and there are loads of activities going on around the UK to help people improve their awareness of and knowledge about scams and fraud. Take a look at #scamaware on Twitter to see what’s been happening!


Fraud Headlines

Electrician Jailed for Two Years After Tricking Elderly

  • This fraudster charged several people for work which was never carried out – shocking!

The ‘Vishing’ Bank Scam Everyone Needs to Know About

  • Vishing is another name for “voice phishing” and is when scammers use the telephone as a method of contacting a victim to extort money from them. In this instance, fraudsters have been posing as bank staff and asking victims to move their money to another account, with some losing substantial sums of money.

Police Reveal Latest Glasgow Crime Statistics

  • Figures from a report by Police Scotland show that cyber crimes including online credit card fraud are on the increase, making the work of Tackling Fraud Together all the more vital!


If you think you’ve fallen victim to a scam or you become aware of any suspicious activity, contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040, or use their online reporting tool.

Tweet us @GCVSTFT or email comms.team@gcvs.org.uk if you have any stories or news to share!

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