GCVS Blog – Tackling Fraud Together Update #4

Deborah Mooney
TFT Project Manager & Digital Engagement Officer | GCVS

It’s hard to believe we’re already on our fourth Tackling Fraud Together update! For the moment, the TFT team have wrapped up our refresh visits to the groups we saw previously, and we’ve collected both parts of our questionnaires to see if people’s attitudes towards fraud have changed since our visits, and how they have changed.

A huge thanks to all the groups we’ve connected with, including some from Loretto HA and Glasgow Disability Alliance.

This month, we’re concentrating on ensuring our flyers and posters are as widely distributed throughout Glasgow as possible and we’ll be hitting the city centre soon, so remember to keep an eye out for our leaflets!


Fraud Headlines

Fraudster Jailed for Sophisticated Online Shopping Scam

  • A man from Rutherglen hacked into people’s accounts on a shopping website, using them to order goods worth £128,789!

NHS Staff Targeted by Tax Refund Scammers

  • Staff at Stobhill Hospital were targeted by fruadsters, who told them they could claim money back towards the cost of their work uniforms.

UK-Wide Fake Doctor Scam Reported to Police in Glasgow Postcode Area

  • Police were alerted to this scam by a man in Alexandria, who received a call supposedly from his wife’s number, informing him that she had been in an accident and treatment would not be covered by the NHS. Scary stuff!!


As ever, if you think you’ve fallen victim to a scam or you become aware of any suspicious activity, contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040, or use their online reporting tool.

Tweet us @GCVSTFT or email comms.team@gcvs.org.uk if you have any stories or news to share!

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